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The Benefits of Connected TV and OTT Advertising

By and large, video is going nowhere anytime this soon or even in the long term. By and large, what we have seen from the trends is that more and more people are choosing to consume their content and information by watching videos. Research by marketing experts has established that over 60% of the internet users will have videos as their main digital activity in the year. We’ve had a shift in how video is distributed and consumed and as a result of this, advertisers have new ways of video advertising that they can make use of to reach their target audiences and engage their targets.

Nowadays, we see consumers majorly watching videos over the internet and this is enabled mainly by the Over-the-Top, OTT, devices, and services and as such, we have seen many cutting their dependence or use of the traditional or linear TV subscriptions. Generally, one thing that we have come to see is that the traditional TV spend and consumption has been overtaken by digital TV advertising.

This said, the question is how best travel advertisers can get to and engage with the present day’s generation that is no longer as much reliant on traditional TV and linear subscription TV for the need to pass their advertising message? Talking of the need for a solution to this, we see the need to think of connected TV ads as the best solution. Here under is a quick review of some of the benefits that you stand to enjoy as a marketer by choosing to opt for OTT and connected TV advertising as you preferred method to have your marketing content and message delivered to your target audience.

One of the reasons why connected TV advertising is proving to be such a popular method of advertising is the fact that it allows you get in front of the right audience and at the right time. Ask any marketer and they will tell you that one thing that has been a challenge to them is the need to deliver their message to the right audience and at the right time. And due to this, most of them will often attempt to reach their intended audience by casting their marketing nets as wide as can be. And no denying, the traditional and linear TV ads indeed deliver that massive reach. But this said, one thing that any marketer as good and worth their salt in the profession will tell you is that such a wide reach and this approach may be as good as to spread the message to as many but it is only ineffective when you look at the need to limit your ability to precisely target a given audience.

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